Over the years

Our Story

We started in July 2009, first as an unregistered association, then as a social enterprise.

Within the last ten years, we have worked with others and supported initiatives to affect education policy change through international platforms, promote intergenerational partnerships at the United Nations HQ, promote education funding opportunities with stakeholders in Ghana, promote education and youth development in Liberia, support digital skills development for young people and constitutional/electoral reform in Nigeria and support the aspirations of emerging leaders from over 35 countries to grow as values-based leaders.

We also learned a lot experimenting with projects that have now been gloriously buried.

Our Mission

The future we see

Our focus over the next twenty years is to promote multi-sectoral collaborations that address some of the most important challenges facing humanity, equip the next generation of values-based leaders and innovators working to solve some of the biggest problems in their societies, and support long-term development efforts.

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