“In a world currently saddled with uncertain realities, the world needs more empathetic and courageous leaders to emerge and hold up the values of humanity and ensure wellbeing of individuals and businesses.”

Studership is a growth-focused youth leadership programme aimed at equipping and connecting emerging leaders for sustainable development, and promoting value-based leadership. The programme is targeted at individuals who are passionate about committing their time and energy in the service of others while equipping them through the Studership curriculum which is hinged on adaptive leadership, innovation and organisation resilience.

Initiated in 2012, Studership has enjoyed the participation of over 500 participants from 35 countries across 5 continents. The leadership focused program has witnessed 4 major editions that held both virtually and onsite. Studership is usually rounded off with participants taking on community projects in their various localities and furthering their interaction in their cohort fellowship community.

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